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The Air Washington grant ended on September 30. The website content of has now been re-directed to All relevant content from the grant, as previously published on the website has been added to this site. It will be maintained for 3 years per the grant requirements.

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About Air Washington 

The Air Washington project was a consortium of eleven of the state’s community and technical colleges which received a $20M Department of Labor TAACCCT grant to strengthen Washington’s aerospace industry through workforce training.

The grant exceeded its training goals.

  • Training goal = 2,615
  • Actual number of trained individuals = 3,806
  • Veterans training goal = 601

Eleven of Washington’s community and technical colleges, and organizations like the Center of Excellence, were involved in the grant. Those groups worked in a consortium format with an advisory board to develop course programming and curriculum while providing career counseling and training. This work encouraged thousands of people to consider careers in aerospace and advanced manufacturing.

View the colleges and organizations involved in the grant.

Mary Stanton, aerospace industry navigator with Air Washington helps graduates of the programs find jobs.

Mary Stanton, was an aerospace industry navigator with Air Washington who helped graduates of the programs find jobs.

Promotion of Careers in Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing – Developed through Air Washington

Additionally, through the Air Washington grant, the Center of Excellence was able to develop videos and educational materials to support and promote careers in these fields.

View free publications and resources


The 2015 Resource Guide was one of the publications produced as a part of the Air Washington grant. It offers robust information about entering aerospace and advanced manufacturing careers.

View industry promotional videos


About COEAerospace

The Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Materials Manufacturing of Washington state is a conduit for collaboration and engagement between industry and K-12 and post secondary higher education. We work to develop the talent pipeline and economic infrastructure to facilitate continuous innovation and growth for aerospace and manufacturing in our state and beyond.
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