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This is a busy little organization! As a part of our core expectations (a list of objectives for all of Washington’s Centers of Excellence) we are commissioned to be involved with education and industry.

Center of Excellence actively participates in many educational and industry events around Washington.

Center of Excellence actively participates in many educational and industry events around Washington.

This week, our Program Manager, Sue Bradshaw has attended four key events:

  1. A two-day conference of Career and Technical Education Administrators (which is the CTE directors/administrator branch of WA-ACTE). Why this matters – Sue is interacting with CTE directors and skills center directors throughout the state. She is connecting and finding out more of what is going on within the entire state in Career and Technical Education (CTE)
  2. She took a tour of a middle school that is focusing on STEM through a liberal arts curriculum and is using project based learning in the classroom; and she attended a session on embedding math within all CTE classes. Why this matters – the more information COE has about STEM programs, the more we can share with other groups to set up their own STEM programs.
  3. Today she trained staff with Air Washington, at Clover Park Community College, how to proctor and administer WorkKeys testing for their students. This testing will provide students with National Career Readiness Certification (NCRC). Why this matters – Students entering the workplace with an NCRC show that they are trained and work-ready.
  4. Thursday she is off to Kent, WA attending a breakfast session hosted by CAMPS (Center of Aerospace and Manufacturing in Puget Sound) entitled “Building Employee Loyalty and Retention”. The session will discuss how employers, and manufacturers specifically, can create a workplace that attracts and retains highly skilled and engaged employees. Why this matters – COE informs community colleges and manufacturers about how to better hire and retain skilled employees. It’s good information for us to have!

I’ll bet Sue will enjoy being back in the office on Friday for a quick breather! We are glad she is out there representing Center of Excellence in so many ways.


About COEAerospace

The Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Materials Manufacturing of Washington state is a conduit for collaboration and engagement between industry and K-12 and post secondary higher education. We work to develop the talent pipeline and economic infrastructure to facilitate continuous innovation and growth for aerospace and manufacturing in our state and beyond.
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