Pierce County Skills Center offers interaction with industry through Composites lab

Students enrolled in the composites program through Pierce County Skills Center (Bethel School District, Puyallup), can work directly, not only with their instructors, but also with industry leaders in the field.

Most days, aerospace and composite industry leaders work side-by-side with students in the composites lab bringing real life relevancy to their projects.  Not only are the students being presented with work projects, they also can make lasting working relationships with employers in the area.

Pierce County Skills Center

Pierce County Skills Center in Bethel School District, Washington

This collaborative working environment is also enhanced by staff and advisory council members.  Advisory council members, made up of local manufacturing employers, look at ways to fill needed entry-level positions within their company. They work with school district staff to develop and enhance curriculum to create a manufacturing certificate that upon completion of the program.

These students, upon high school graduation, walk out with a high school diploma along with a manufacturing certificate that ensures them an interview with several participating employers.  While they must sell themselves in the interview process, they do enter the interview familiar with industry requirements and standards and are able to present real world projects that they have developed.

Employers, because of their time in the classroom, have developed working relationships with these students and have become familiar with their work habits and ethics.

Through this partnership, everyone is a winner; the students, faculty and industry!


About COEAerospace

The Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Materials Manufacturing of Washington state is a conduit for collaboration and engagement between industry and K-12 and post secondary higher education. We work to develop the talent pipeline and economic infrastructure to facilitate continuous innovation and growth for aerospace and manufacturing in our state and beyond.
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