Washington Business Week- “Get AMPT” Manufacturing Week at Gonzaga!

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I am excited for the upcoming “Get AMPT” week at Gonzaga University, July 11-17 2010. Parents, check out this video about the wonderful careers in Advanced Materials Manufacturing, whether it is in Aerospace, Marine or Process Control Technology! http://www.a2m2.net/students/  click on the video.

To give your kids a head start, why not consider sending them to a week of fun and learning in careers in Manufacturing. If you have been reading my blog, you know by now that Manufacturing in the US is not DEAD! It is still the backbone of our country! Washington Business Week has been putting on these business camps for kids for several years now all over the state and they are expanding. Testimonies from high school kids that have attended past camps make all the work, prep and curriculum design all worthwhile when you hear about their experiences!

The Centers of Excellence for Aerospace, Marine, & Process Control Technology are just some of the sponsors this year for Get AMPT! The Boeing Company is another huge sponsor of this year’s manufacturing week, but also sponsor other WBW Summer Camps.  I am guessing they feel it is important, just like us at the community and technical colleges to expose kids to all kinds of great career pathways! Get them while they can still make choices! Students, parents, check it out, there is still time to contact WBW.org and sign your child up.

Learn more about how to build a career in aerospace, marine, or process technology
July 11-17, 2010
Gonzaga University
Stephen Hyer | Executive Director
Foundation for Private Enterprise Education
Washington Business Week 33305 1st Way S, Ste B-212 | Federal Way, WA 98003
253-815-6900 | 360-701-3424 Cell |www.wbw.org | Steve@wbw.org


About COEAerospace

The Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Materials Manufacturing of Washington state is a conduit for collaboration and engagement between industry and K-12 and post secondary higher education. We work to develop the talent pipeline and economic infrastructure to facilitate continuous innovation and growth for aerospace and manufacturing in our state and beyond.
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