Aviation- the demand is there for jobs NOW and in the future!

Sunday’s Everett Herald had two great articles about the need to ramp up training and education for people young and old enterning into the world of aerospace and avaition! Washington State has currently more jobs in Aerospace than any other in the nation. But watch out! There are US states trying to whoo our aerospace partners away! Parents, students, high school counselors, you need to know this! We need to get this information about great careers in aviation to filter down to our young people. Why? The demand is there, and it will continue to be. Manufacturing technology has changed for the better. This is not your fathers manufacturing world. It is more like Star Wars meets the Advanced manufacturing World. What with new materials and techniques,  robotics, and  numeric computers  that now cut out the tooling; it takes a skilled worker to do the programming!

 Gone are the dirty greasy jobs. These are jobs that take a skilled and trained workforce that just about anyone can learn if they have the desire! Yes, these skills do reguire basic math, written, presentation and communitcaton skills – but we are talking about the basics! Physics is running in the background, geometry and trig are running in the background… the software programs are programmed, all you need to do is learn how to operate it.  

Brian Hill (left) and mentor Tim Johnson prepare to make a small wing repair on a fastener in the 777 wing inside the Everett plant.

 I have seen so many times young people learning these CNC programs. Catia. Solidworks, 3 d CAD programs that are so amazed at what they can do, that their natural curiousity wants to learn more. They feel successful at skills that they thought were unreachable! Now, they are ready to tackle on more, learn more and educate themselves!  Why, because it has relevance! Now they know what they need to learn and how to get there!

Read the first article – Demand for aviation mechanics is already high — and expected to increase and then the second one… I promise you will learn something! Too few engineers to meet Boeing’s need

Please contact me- Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Materials Manufacturing if you need to get more information about Everett Community Colleges Aviation Maintenance Program (or information on any of the four other AMT Schools in Washington State !

Great training, great jobs at the end!


About COEAerospace

The Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Materials Manufacturing of Washington state is a conduit for collaboration and engagement between industry and K-12 and post secondary higher education. We work to develop the talent pipeline and economic infrastructure to facilitate continuous innovation and growth for aerospace and manufacturing in our state and beyond.
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